18th and 25th April 2020 Fast phobia and Trauma Cure Training

The next Rewind Training is on 18th and 25th April 2020. Day one focuses on Phobia. The day will explore the brains response to phobia and how the way it is stored can easily trip the switch again and have us fleeing from the object of our phobia. The technique you will learn can quickly remove the phobia and enable people to move on without avoiding the phobic substance or subject. Just imagine how liberating this can be. Statistics suggest that the majority of us has a phobia to some degree. Participating in this experiential training gives you an opportunity to work through a phobia yourself, a double bonus.
The second day focuses on using the technique for trauma giving you the skills to use one of the most powerful therapy techniques used to quickly detraumatise bad memories, stop flashbacks, banish nightmares and reduce anxiety.
If this course is for you give us a ring on 01325 582088