IPT Training and Therapy Services

IPT Training and Therapy Services was established at the end of 2016. The partners have, between them, more than 30 years’ experience as therapists, 25 years teaching practice and more than 20 years of business management. Our name, IPT, is an acronym that represents the overarching vision and uniqueness of this idea which is based on providing Information, Prevention and Treatment of psychological difficulties to the local community and beyond through training, education and therapy.

Psychological wellbeing has become a subject of huge interest in recent years. Awareness has increased as has the interest in seeking support and services work hard to meet the demands of those who need it. Nowadays it is acknowledged that psychological “fitness” is under threat in all walks of life. The upsurge has resulted in many efforts to encourage self-care as well as increasing waiting lists and time limited treatment programmes. Efforts by specific services, employers, schools and others make some difference however the problem with mental health has become somewhat epidemic like, suggesting everyone can benefit from becoming more aware of how to prevent and manage difficulties whilst many require treatment to restore some psychological balance to their lives. Research and experience continues to demonstrate that the availability for access to and engagement in programmes / activities to increase awareness of, help prevent difficulties with and provide appropriate treatment of psychological / emotional / mental disturbance falls short of what is required.

The services provided by IPT Training and Therapy Services seek to develop mutually benefitting relationships with members of the community, local employers, local support agencies, local schools, local prisons, local GP practices and local Mental Health services by providing a proactive educational programme that helps maintain psychological wellbeing as well as a reactive therapeutic service that seeks to address and improve psychological difficulties.

IPT Training and Therapy Services provide a new holistic approach to today’s complex issues of mental health care the development of their delivery on awareness, prevention and treatment of psychological difficulties.

Our services are for you, your family, your workplace, and those you care for.

All that we do is guided by the BACP Ethical Framework (for more information on this see here) and The Humans Given Institute (for more information on this see here)

If you would like to hear more about what we have to offer then why not contact us.