“Paul was extremely helpful in making me realise some flaws and how to correct to them to make me a more balanced person.” 22 year old Female.

Most pleased I had Paul as my Counsellor made me feel valued as a person.” 47 year old male.

“Paul has been excellent at mirroring and bringing to light issues. I feel that he understood me and verbalised it very well which has meant that I have become enlightened and empowered.” 53 year old female.

“Shocked by how much counselling can achieve!”

“Christine has given me my life back, and as dramatic as it sounds, she saved my life. I was on a path of self destruction that she put a stop to. I have a much more positive outlook on life now, and I am able to deal with ‘issues’ in a positive way.”

“Thank you again for your help, (PTSD Resolution) and thank you very much to Christine for what she did for me and my family. I would also like to thank her for helping a friend of mine who had similar problems and after one session with her already has a better outlook on life.”

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Training – Rewind Training

“Excellent course with the great opportunity to take part in practical sessions to embed the learning. Definitely recommend attendance on the course.”

“Training should be more recognised in the therapeutic world.”

“Rewind could be life changing and easily accessed. Why would you not try it out.”

“The most practical/useful training course done in four years in terms of helping clients.”

“The course has increased my interest in trauma and how it effects individuals and how powerful our own resource are.”

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