Psychological wellbeing has become a subject of huge interest in recent years. The problem with mental health has become somewhat epidemic like, suggesting everyone can benefit from becoming more aware of how to prevent and manage psychological difficulties.

IPT seeks to bring a range of training and educational programmes for anyone who might benefit from knowing a bit more about mental health for their own benefit or those around them. We also provide continuing professional development (CPD) courses for therapists and others in a caring role.

We have experience of delivering a range of programmes that helps participants understand more about the effects and challenges of, amongst other matters, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, addiction, phobia and PTSD.

We have a number of “off the shelf” programmes that have been tried and tested to good success and we also develop “tailor made” courses to meet your specific needs. We deliver our training at our premises although we are also happy to consider alternative locations i.e. on-site etc. depending on suitability. If you would like to discuss further then please contact us here.

Our training practice is based very much on the same principles as our therapy…our clients are always at the centre of everything we do. We continue to draw on our experiences not only as Therapists and Trainers, also as family members, business people, clients and students; all of which help us develop a more open minded outlook which continues to shape our Counselling and Training practice.

Please see our Events page for more information on some of our training events.